Meat Pro Asia KV

Thematic Pavilion

Why join the Thematic Pavilions at Meat Pro Asia 2023?

1) Positive awareness and visibility through thought leadership opportunities on promoting sustainability, food safety, alternative protein, and integrity of the Halal labeling process in the meat processing industry.

2) Targeted buyer approach through our hosted buyer privilege, guided buyer tour and speed networking session with meat processors, importers, distributors, suppliers, and meat industry leaders.

3) Enhanced branding through online and onsite marketing opportunities.


Cost-effective with only € 4,750 / booth, all inclusive of: 

1) Comfort stand size 12 sqm with:

1 set of Reception counter and 2 stool bars

1 set of 32” LED TV

1 set of Poster size 0.70x1.00 m. and spot light

1 set of Socket 5 Amp.

2) speaking presentation in the thematic sessions

3) 3 hosted buyer recommendations

4) buyer introduction through guided buyer tour

5) highlight at the onsite floor plan

6) special product feature in EDM and social media