Meat Pro Asia KV

Facts & figures

Asia’s leading processing and packaging trade fair for meat, egg, poultry, seafood & food products

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The full spectrum of food processing and packaging technologies come together at Meat Pro Asia. Held from 2023 onwards in Bangkok, the biennial fair offers unrivaled access to market opportunities not just in Thailand, but across the entire ASEAN region and its more than 600 million people. Within the context of the local government’s plan to turn Thailand into one of the world's top five food exporters by 2036, Meat Pro Asia is uniquely positioned as the only major event dedicated to food processing in the country, making it the perfect launching pad for channel players to gain a foothold in this fast growing sector. 

Exhibitors include manufacturers and suppliers of everything from slaughtering and processing equipment, to packaging and transportation solutions. Co-located with VIV Asia – the no.1 international trade show from Feed to Food in Asia – the fair is expected to attract 10,000 trade buyers in 2025. Thanks to its positioning alongside one of Thailand’s biggest food related shows, the fair offers buyers comprehensive sourcing opportunities across the entire supply chain.  

Fair facts

12 – 14 March 2025
Venue Challenger 1, IMPACT, Bangkok, Thailand
Exhibition space 5,000 sqm gross (alongside with VIV Asia)
Number of visitors   10,000 (expected figure in 2023)
Number of exhibitors
100 (expected figure in 2023)

Business species

  • Red meat
  • White meat
  • Poultry Egg
  • Marine Product
  • Dairy Product
  • Processed Product
  • Food Processing

Product groups

  • Live animal handling: conveyor belts, bird counters
  • Stunning; Killing; Electrical stimulator; Bleeders; Scalding; Plucking; Head & Trachea removal units; Evisceration; Feet processing;
  • Rendering byproducts
  • Inspection
  •  Cooling units; Transportation
  • Weighing & grading
  • Cutting, filleting
  • Deboning; Batching; Portioning
  • Cooling units; Transportation
  • Preparation: Forming, pumping, molding,
  • Spices and additives for meat and sausage production
  • Natural and artificial casings
  • Brine injection; Grinding
  • Coating, heating, frying
  • Smoking (sausages, charcuterie, bacon, ham etc.)
  • Cooling units; Transportation
  • Packaging Types: skin pack, bottle caps, boxes (wooden, plastic, carton), vacuum pack, blister pack
  • Handling raw materials: glass, plastic, carton, wood
  • Palletizing; Depalletizing; unit load assembly
  • Filling & sealing machines
  • Packaging materials and aids: Film (for foodstuffs and multipacks etc.), cups, bags, cans, trays, inserts/absorbent pads (for meat trays), grids, preserving film, clips, ties, tapes, claps, seals, labels, cardboards packaging, other packaging materials and aids, bone guard
  • Machines and devices for processing of natural and artificial casings
  • Weighing machines
  • Wrapping machines
  • Inspecting machines
  • Coding, printing, marking, stamping, and imprinting machines for labelling
  • Precooling; Refrigerators; Freezers
  • Storage and distribution activities: isotherm containers, icepacks, cold boxes, temp controlled trucks,
  • Equipment & logistics; Batteries, monitoring devices, thermometers, indicators, sensors.
  • Storage; Palletizing
  • Warehousing: Inventory; Order picking;
  • Transportation
  • HACCP, ISO, BRC, FSSC certificate: critical points throughout the production line
  • X-ray inspection (physical contaminants)
  • Metal & foreign agents’ detection
  • Measuring mass equipment
  • Counting components (units)
  • Identification equipment of missing or broken products
  • Monitoring fill levels
  • Inspecting seals for food entrapment
  • On/farm sensors collecting and sharing real-time data
  • Slaughterhouse, processing, packaging data software for optimized lines
  • Transparency & traceability data for animals, and meat/poultry/seafood
  • Optimizing production, transport and processing of packaging goods, chilled/frozen products
  • Robotics for handling, conveying, packing etc.
  • Oil & Fat recovery
  • Sludge dewatering; Anaerobic treatment
  • Ammonia recovery; Manure recovery
  • Advanced oxidation process for treating toxic substances

Visitor profile

  • Food and grocery retail trade; Department store; Hypermarket / self-service store;
  • Mail order business; Wholesale trade;
  • Foreign trade (import/export);
  • Butcher’s trade; Slaughterhouse, processing operations;
  • Food and non-essential provisions industry;
  • Supplies industry for the butcher’s trade / the meat-processing industry;
  • Hotel / restaurant / public house; Snack bar / fast food outlet;
  • Communal catering, company catering, system catering, catering;
  • Press / media / publishers; Public authority
  • University / institute of higher education;